Review What Design Experts Believe Will Trend as 2024 Approaches

The iconic Salone del Mobile reconvened in Milan from April 18 through 23, 2023, and eyes in the interior design industry opened wide in anticipation of the likely changes in 2024. Check out the following predictions to prepare for noticeable departures from past trends.

Curves Transition from Contents to Structures

From seating to sculpture, sweeping curves have taken center stage in the design world in recent years. Experts opine the undulating lines will begin migrating to structural components like doorways and arches. Curves will remain a vital feature in furnishings, but sofas and chairs may begin revealing their legs again. Returning to squared-off furniture with traditional outlines is on its way, but that approach will live harmoniously with the comfy curves many have grown to love.

Connections to the Past

The Salone del Mobile naturally focuses attention on European designs every year, especially those of Italy. This year is no different, with classical inspiration ranging from shell-encrusted pieces to intricate plasterwork. Clients who enjoy design time travel are likely to seek out opulent designs from the past to be translated into a 2024 residence. The final plans could include lavish details such as ceiling medallions towering over tapestries and ornate marble detailing. Sculptures, mirrors, and lighting help create the effect. Just imagine — an Italian villa ambiance wherever a client desires!

Foundational Floors

During 2024, the humble floor comes into its own as a focal point, not a mere design element. Using stone or marble flooring, not simply for their durability but also their beauty, will gain significant traction. Look for natural materials chosen for planned patterning, with the materials selected to create a glorious yet organic effect. Different colors and textures working together underfoot and following the guidance of inspired artisans will rock the design world this year.

From Stone to Metal

Natural materials frequently support professional designs. As eyes rise from new stone floor treatments or drop from European-inspired throwback ceiling detailing, today’s captivating design accents are often made of or decorated with metals. Although metalwork has adorned residences for centuries, modern iterations are many and varied. Polished, lacquered, burnished, or raw metals are a constant in the 2024 design portfolio.

Enhanced and Luxurious Detailing 

The “staycation” is not going anywhere, except perhaps to the drawing board of innovative interior designers. People continue to find comfort and joy in their homes but sometimes yearn for a more “high-end” experience. Fortunately, design professionals can help clients achieve the look and feel of a luxury hotel within the confines of their humble homes. Specialized lighting, elegant wallcoverings, glamorous stonework, cutting-edge fixtures, and more can help create the ambiance of a five-star hotel with the comfort of home, travel completely optional.  

The End of the Open Plan?

It is nearly impossible to find a home built in the 1970s or later that does not feature the ubiquitous open-plan layout. One living space merges into the next, diluting the form and function of rooms defined more specifically before mid-century design became preeminent. In an open-plan house, an inescapable and enforced “togetherness” can wear on many. Even when clients crave genuine intimate moments, they face defeat because of the group-centered flow and functionality of the typical open-plan dwelling. Today’s designers work with their clients to define spaces and create oases of calm, communion, and contemplation in defiance of the open-plan concept. 

It is exciting to imagine which design trends will prevail in 2024. Designers who listen carefully can seize the opportunity to create individualized home environments that their clients can enjoy and truly “own,” according to all definitions of the word.