Interior design trends have maintained a dynamic trajectory from the 1970s revivals, bouclé upholstery, and the Ultrafragola rise before it fell out of favor. With that in mind, you may wonder what 2024 has in store for you. Below, we discuss everything from color and materials to emotions as part of the journey to a desirable interior design outcome. Many experts agree that 2024 will be the year of mixing designs, choosing offbeat colors, and returning to romanticism.

  • Soft and sweet color trends
  • Resurgence of metallic materials and finishes
  • Melding romanticism in designs
  • Mixing historical eras

Orange Chromatic Combinations

Getting the color right is the first consideration regarding interior design trends in 2024—soft and sweet Peach and Apricot rank high among renowned design experts. Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute picked Peach Fuzz as the year’s color, describing it as radiant with warmth and modern elegance. For Gemma Riberti at WGSN, the trend forecasting agency, the eye is firmly on orange as it emerges as a vibrant alternative to traditional pastels. WGSN chose Apricot Crush as the color for 2024, which can be paired with glass, bath, textiles, and bedroom products.

Metal and Metallic Finishes for Your Interiors in 2024

Decor trends in 2024 are shifting toward the essential elements of steel, chrome, and aluminum. At Pinterest Predicts, you can explore the “Hot Metals” for a taste of gleaming metallic finishes on everything from beddings to lampshades. According to Substack newsletter author David Michon, this metallic resurgence is a consequence of the earthy tones overload in the early-2020s. Holly Hunt, the founder of House of Hunt, concurs, foreseeing silver and bright aluminum replacing gold and black in the metal hardware accessories. However, he prefers the richness of brushed chrome or nickel for a sophisticated and polished look.

 Romanticism in Interior Design

Romanticism may feel like a 19th-century concept or the cliched embodiment of Valentine’s Day, but 2024 gives romanticism momentum. Expect reds, pinks, lace, florals, and ribbons for a provocative and sensual look. According to Citizenry, you can explore botanical inspirations for all textiles, including pillows, bedding, and area rugs.

Mixing Historical Eras

Apart from returning to a specific era, 2024 design trends favor mixing and matching pieces from different historical interior design eras. Concepts like appreciating minimalist American Design and delving into the social and cultural significance of design trends, referencing historical movements such as the Bauhaus and the radicalism of groups like the Shakers and their influence on contemporary design preferences.