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Interior design is living in a pivotal time. After spending time at home during the height of the pandemic and embracing hybrid work arrangements, some changes are necessary. As we consider remodeling our homes to fit our current lifestyle, function and aesthetics must work together and guide our construction and design decisions. Considering each household member’s needs and the value each modification may add to the property is also essential. Consider some of the trends below to help you create a design that suits your priorities.

Is an Open Concept Right for You?

Open spaces have been the norm for years, and beautiful dining tables have lived alongside kitchen islands and living room furniture. But now that the home doubles as a school and office, each family member requires privacy and their workspace. As a result, we’re putting up divisions again. To fulfill the need for separate spaces, interior designers have creatively used items such as bookshelves and furniture to create a separate space without affecting the home’s flow. 

Barn doors and interior French doors offer flexibility as well. Preserving the open nature of the home and the entry of natural light is very important when creating dedicated spaces for household members.  

Wellness and Sustainability as a Design Priority

Taking care of our mind and body is essential, and your home should assist in your overall well-being. For some people, that means having a workout space. For others, it’s a meditation spot where they can calm their thoughts. Incorporating health elements into your home is an option regardless of your preference. Plants, for example, are an excellent addition to any home and bring tangible health benefits. Sustainable materials also help bring some benefits of being outdoors into the home. Eco-friendly options such as cork flooring and color palettes inspired by nature can help promote wellness and relaxation. 

Upgrade Your Lifestyle

High-tech also plays a role in homes in 2023. Shiny new appliances complement warm rooms and cozy kitchens to fit our current needs. Larger refrigerators, wine coolers, and designated bar spaces create a unique room that may boast a refined look. Although high-end appliances make a statement, their steel surface is balanced by indirect and variable lighting, cozy furniture, and textured materials. When well-balanced, you can integrate stone in shiny finishes with glass and warmer tones of wood to create an elegant and functional space that is distinctly you.

Can Art Deco be Warm?

You are correct if Art Deco reminds you of Miami Beach in the 1920s. But Art Deco in 2023 is very different. It is still known for bold colors and shapes, but instead of overpowering, Art Deco elements have become a focal point in modern homes. Adding a vintage lamp or a chair upholstered in Art Deco-style fabric is enough to elevate the room’s design while keeping warm tones and comfortable seating. Be careful not to overdo it; incorporate a mirror or vase, and the job is done.

Nature and the Outdoors Move into Your Home

The most prevalent overarching trend in 2023 is including outdoor elements in interior design. One way to achieve a natural look is by adding greenery and flowers wherever possible. Depending on where you live, consider adding some elements right from your backyard. A touch of sand if you live by the coast, an orchid in a tropical climate, or other flowers for those in mountain climates.

When you select your flooring, you can also incorporate sustainable elements. Cork floors have gained in popularity, as well as wood flooring, where their knots and natural imperfections are preserved and highlighted. Newer design trends emphasize texture and natural materials.

Say Goodbye to Sharp Edges and Monochromatic Homes

Many homeowners are saying goodbye to the white grays that have ruled the design space until now. Although neutral tones are still in vogue, beige, muted browns, and greens are becoming more prevalent. Neutral tones and a softer feel to your house come with plush furniture in luxurious fabric. They also invite vibrant colors to add personality to your rooms. Adding the unexpected bold color on a wall, an area rug, or a décor piece creates an environment with your personal imprint on it.

 Some design elements are flexible and easy to change. A throw pillow, an armchair, or a light fixture can be replaced to suit different style preferences. However, a kitchen or bathroom remodel must be carefully assessed before it becomes a reality. Take your time to consider what your current and mid-range needs are and find a way to let your personality shine through your design decisions while retaining space functionality.