Beautiful bathroom with white bath and sauna and shower in a modern home

Functionality? Yes. Aesthetically pleasing? Absolutely! Your bathroom should not only meet your needs and look fabulous, but it should also provide a calm and luxurious space where you can indulge in some quiet time at the end of the day or while you get ready to face the world in the morning. Moreover, it should reflect your sense of style that capitalizes on the wide availability of materials in home design stores and the technology improvements available to homeowners today. As you plan for a refresh or full remodel in 2023, factor the following into your decision-making, and you’ll be sure to create the bathroom of your dreams.

It is YOUR Bathroom

If there’s a moment to be selfish, this is it. Your bathroom redesign should speak about you and your style. Include elements that reflect your personality, like unexpected hardware, a piece of art, or a funky wallpaper design. Don’t be shy in adding a contrasting element like a deep-colored vanity or modern sconces; all that matters is that you love the result.

Embrace Timeless Designs

Bathroom design trends come and go, but some elements are timeless. Simple and clean lines with marble and metal accents are a look that doesn’t go out of style. Accessories can add an element of surprise without compromising the elegant and chic design that has withstood the test of time. The contrast and combination of white, black, and gray is a sophisticated palette for any bathroom. Once again, its simplicity creates visual drama and makes the design extraordinary.

Texture and Layers Are Key in 2023

As you review design trends in industry publications, you’ll see plenty of mention of texture and layers. Designers and homeowners are adding warmth to their bathrooms and homes by combining materials and textures in each space. Rather than opting for dramatic colors, other elements take off the edge of the naturally hard and sober lines of bathroom fixtures and create a more inviting space for its users.

Love Your Bathtub

Space-permitting, homeowners are adding luxurious bathtubs in their bathrooms. Functionality for daily routines co-exists with deep bathtubs overlooking nature, where homeowners can relax and unwind at their leisure. Free-standing soaking tubs are having their best moment in 2023.

Storage is a Must

One of the by-products of spending more time at home over the last few years is that we value functionality and style equally. A beautiful bathroom isn’t complete without a creative and efficient storage component that meets your needs and likes. Hair and make-up stations become essential in the bathroom of the modern household, along with warming drawers and integrated speakers.

Stone, Slabs, and Wood

Stones and slabs are still relevant in bathroom redesigns. Whether you choose marble or travertine, they continue to be favorites for many designers.
However, natural elements such as wood also come into the bathroom space to give it a more organic look and add warmth. The right choice for countertops, floors, and walls can elevate the wow factor of your bathroom and make it unique.

Wellness Features

Steam showers, chroma-therapy, saunas, and heated floors are part of the elements homeowners incorporate into their designs. An increased focus on mental and physical well-being has also impacted bathroom design and leverages available technology and functionality.

Bathroom renovations are projects on their own and not a mere extension of a household remodel. The space, whether big or small, requires a careful look at all its components and the addition of elements that bring the warmth, technology, and flow you desire.