woman working from a multi functional roomA portrait of a beautiful young woman working from a multi functional room

Life is too short to muddle around in a dull living space. When it feels as though it is time for a change, you may find that searching through countless design websites becomes more challenging versus inspiring. Interior design experts have curated these top 2022 design trends to help you breathe new life into virtually any area of your home. 

Trends are trends for a reason. Every year, savvy homeowners look at other influencers’ actions to elevate their living space. The hottest ideas are just what you need for inspiration, helping you create environmentally-friendly living in your favorite rooms and adding a touch of personality to make your home your own. 

Let’s take a look: 

  • The 70s are making a comeback! No, we don’t mean bellbottoms and peace signs. However, retro always seems trendy, especially when you add slight pops and bursts here and there. Think about the color palette of days gone by where in 2022, a perfect hint of moss green or burnt orange can become quite a focal point. This is also a great year to head out and shop local at boutique stores, antique shops, and flea markets to find pieces with a vintage touch.
  • How’s your green thumb? Natural elements are very trendy for 2022, whether you are putting in rough wood floating shelves or turning your primary bathroom into a greenhouse of sorts. Plants are a beautiful way to enhance your living space while adding a new level of comfort. Think about easy-care plants such as a climbing Sweetheart plant, a bushy Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, or a boisterous Monstera plant. Tip: Doing your research before shopping for plants will help you find the perfect options to fit in with your green thumb capability. 
  • Multifunctional spaces are all the rage. With some of the latest architectural innovations, more homeowners are looking to create multifunctional rooms. This could mean utilizing your vertical space by adding high shelving and a ladder or putting in a loft home office over your family room or entryway. 

There is little that you cannot achieve in your living space as long as you put your mind to it. Bringing in some of these latest trends could be just what you need to take your home into the here and now.