The last couple of years had us spending more time at home than ever before, and the need to spruce it up was hard to taper down. Whereas some of us had to make some changes prioritizing functionality over style, now that things seem to be heading back to normal stylish choices are taking over our décor decisions. Although personal taste runs the gamut, below are some of the prevailing trends for 2022.

Warm Chocolate Tones

Brown hues are making their way into homes through many avenues. Some choose one of the many shades of warm options for their walls, while others select textiles in this color family. Adding brown seems to be in contrast to the grays we have seen as of late, and it makes a home feel unique and personal.

Say Good-Bye to Minimalism

For years many have embraced a minimalist style, but in 2022 some are boldly stepping into maximalism where large prints, vibrant colors, and texture enter the home. Luxurious items and fabrics such as velvet and mohair live in living rooms, along with furniture pieces that make a statement. Minimalism is not gone for good, but some are feeling like it is time for a change.

Old and Modern Cohabitate

Our homes express our personality, and the cookie-cutter approach to decorating is not suitable for self-expression. In 2022 you should expect to see some modern pieces mixed up with vintage options that have been updated with modern paint treatments. Furniture found in flea markets or in a relative’s attic can be infused with new life with just a little elbow grease and become a focal point for your home.

A Place of Your Own

Even though some have returned to the office, many remain in work-from-home or hybrid models. Along with household responsibilities, it seems like there is activity and tasks to be done everywhere you turn. The industry is seeing the creation of quiet spaces in homes as a place where we can relax with a good book or recharge without distractions. Be on the lookout for rooms and corners designed for comfort and peace.

Bold and Cozy

Darker colors in rich hues are popping up everywhere. The white-on-white kitchen has its counter replaced with a dark countertop, and wall colors around the home feature saturated colors in darker shades. When combined with asymmetrical shapes and unexpected materials such as metallic-looking tiles, the result is unique and speaks to your sense of style.

All Rooms Are Getting Attention

Do we need to spruce up our laundry or utility room? Probably not, but in 2022 we recognize that we want to have every room in the house look great, even our utility rooms. Home designers and do-it-yourself homeowners add pops of color and create artful displays in spaces like mudrooms to add enjoyable elements to daily life. Anything that makes you smile is fair game to add to utilitarian spaces.

In 2022 do not hesitate to focus on the details and the bigger picture simultaneously. It is a year to experiment with bold shapes, colors, and textures and let your home décor express your personality and what you love the most. Even the smallest details add a layer of interest to the room, whether it’s a cabinet pull, a funky vase, or a collection of pictures from your favorite trips. Now is the moment to add that “wow” element to your home.

2 thoughts on “What’s In and What’s Out in Home Décor for 2022”
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