Review Your Renovation Options

If you feel stuck in a decorating rut, you are not alone. Good news is on the horizon. Those weary of palettes limited to pale neutrals can climb aboard a more colorful train emphasizing brighter and bolder hues. Time spent working from home during the pandemic might have encouraged the movement to change and liven things up. Experimenting with colors and textures uplifted spirits during a period when most people needed something cheery and fresh. Integrating crisp and vibrant decorating trends like those following is an accessible and exciting adventure.

Feel Free to Start Slow

If whites, grays, and greige (a mixture of gray and beige) still appeal to you, please continue to use those color schemes, but with a twist. Adding something new and exciting can be as simple as incorporating pops of warm colors such as yellow, caramel, coffee, cream, coral, orange, red, and even some shades of blue and green. Throws, pillows, knick-knacks, and accent walls are low-investment options to add warmth to a space. When replacing furnishings and lighting, consider using more natural materials such as wood or metals like copper, bronze, and gold.

Teasing with Traditions and Textures

The clean lines of a neutral-centric decorating scheme can coexist harmoniously with playful textures and splashes of bright and bold colors. Wallpaper is making a comeback, especially lush patterns with saturated hues that add depth and dimension. When applied to a carefully chosen wall, the expanse above the beadboard, or as a border, wallpaper can liven up an interior quickly. Antiques or vintage pieces in a local shop were easier to obtain while supply chains slowed over the past few years. Using these fun finds rather than waiting for the mass-produced decor still on a container ship allows your personality to shine. Search for a vibrant area rug with intriguing patterns or local artwork to invigorate your space.

Commit to Contrasts

Think about using bold and dark colors to paint built-in millwork. The permanent headboards installed on bedroom walls, shelving in a home office, or built-in dining room and kitchen cabinets make dynamic statements when coated in matte navy, black, maroon, evergreen, or other rich hues.

Use your imagination and all current decorating options available to you when perking up the look of your home. Whether you want a subtle change or are ready to take on a more significant challenge, colors, textures, and natural materials are all waiting to help you achieve your vision.